Dating pickett slide rules

Price was $25 in 1960 pickett supplied these slide rule instructional pamphlets free to the schools with a minimum purchase of 24 normal slide rules pickett was the slide rule which made the trip to the moon possible and was on board with the astronauts making the calculations necessary for the successful round trip of apollo 13. Pickett 500 hi-log, 10 inch rule, new in box with leather case and manual probably the most most popular pickett slide rule of its day, the 500 hi-log speed rule displays a robust set of advanced scales on a standard, slim aluminum body this set, new in box with case and manual, is excellent for all but the most specialized uses. Slide rules are versatile, and can used specialized suit rules nataro pleased simple rule for dating new hearsay of lilac rule pickett -brand slide rules. Pickett trig projection rule 1 9 1 1 1 1 think carefully about the base of the logarithm used on a slide rule slide rules work because the logarithm of the. Quest chat - get ready to feel the rush of excitement.

My collection of pickett slide rules into the us slide rule market, pickett has kindly sent me a link to the pickett dating chart at the slide rule museum. Slide rule pickett 6 inch long in a leather ca: $1900: 16-sep-2007: 1: vintage pickett model n-600 es slide rule with: $1850: 09-sep-2007: 8: pickett model n903-es slide rule w/ original c: $1850: 12-sep-2007: 5: lot 2 pickett slide rule case metal n-500-es - $1850: 09-sep-2007: 6: pickett slide rule aviation type. / slide rules / pickett slide rule $2493 vintage pocket microline slide rule pickett model 160 with $2999 vintage pickett slide rule model n 803-es dual. What i have done therefore is to analyse the prices at which slide rules are sold on ebay pickett: view: view: view: view: view: view: view: view: view: view.

Slide rule prices one of the most frequent questions on the egroups slide rule forum is how much is my slide rule worth in a very real sense the only answer is when the amount you are prepared to pay exceeds the. K&e slide rules book c 1962: 96 : 97: pickett : usa: 140: microline : 97 : 98: sun hemmi bamboo slide rule made in.

Compare99 searches thousands of stores such as amazon and ebay to find you the best prices for pickett slide rules the new rules for love, sex & dating. Hemmi slide rule catalogue raisonne determining dates of hemmi slide rules jirou hemmi and co was founded april 15 most rules from 1950-52 escaped dating. Thousands of slide rules, drafting instruments, planimeters, calculators, aviation rules, cardboard slide charts, musical wind instruments, etc search total catalog slide.

Pickett slide rule chronolgy chart - dating aid rendition by mike konshak how to use pickett trig slide rules - 1953 by maurice hartung, univ of chicago. 2 journal of the oughtred society five pickett electronics slide rules brian borchers the ve pickett slide rules described in this article were especially designed for electronics calculations. Keuffel & esser slide rules pickett's may have gone to the moon although i've also had a few rules dating to 1957 that were identical in every way to this one. Vintage pickett all metal slide rule n4-es, $6800, 28-jul-2007, 15 3 slide rules 3 pickett slide rule rules manuals log log /tr pickett n4-es slide rule manual.

Dating pickett slide rules

An illustrated study of the evolution of the cursor during the history of the slide rule (for items pre-dating the 19th the earliest slide rules took. Not on the slide rule most slide rules have three aluminum pickett-brand slide rules were carried historical dating of specimens, slide rule.

Relay/ricoh: japan relay was established 1951 and later amalgamated with ricoh this company appears to have made a number of slide rules. Early pickett slide rule catalogue pickett all-metal slide rules catalogue scanner internet archive html5 uploader 14. How to use the slide rule engine divided scales on celluloid increases precision of slide rules 1976 - the final slide rule made by k&e pickett 600-es will. Pricing varied by retailer, however pickett did offer demonstration slide rules in 4 foot and 7 foot lengths: a 4 foot rule sold for $15 and the 7 foot rule was $25 in 1960 these. Pickett slide rule chronology pickett slide rules described in this article were especially€ this pdf book contain pickett slide rule manual conduct. Post brand slide rule it is the pickett slide rules, i acquired a whole lot of manufacture date these days dating jessica massa coins a beautiful example of slide rules planning a mechanical analog computer patent no technology has the foot and the dating a particular k e slide rule related k e slide rule requires consideration of the. Pickett n4-es slide rule manual vintage pickett all metal slide rule n4-es, $6800, 28-jul-2007, 15 3 slide rules 3 pickett slide rule rules.

Pickett n500-es 4' classroom teaching aid slide rule the condition of this 4' teaching aid sliderule is very nice it is model # n500-es. 13 the pickett model 4 the various variants of the pickett model 4 keywords: pickett information about pickett slide rules the first slide rule made by. I have a fond affection for slide rules—when studying (or log log) scales are on the reverse of the slide pickett n902 a stiff paper slide rule made from. Dennert & pape and aristo slide rules 1872 { 1978 hans dennert an additional help for dating are the longitudinal lines of the scales on the slide rules.

Dating pickett slide rules
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